Monday, October 31, 2011


It's amazing that people skip this simple step in a beauty regimen. I was recently doing an in-store promotion and at least 50% of the women that came were not exfoliating at all! Most of the women attending were having some form of treatment like microdermabrasion or using a Retinal based cream. However, the simple act of exfoliating on a regular basis at home had escaped them. Seriously!!! When you forget or don't even bother to exfoliate on a regular basis you might well throw your expensive creams in the trash. Your makeup goes on poorly. All you are doing is coating dry, dead and dull skin!! If your makeup balls up then it's past time to exfoliate!!!

Even if you get regular treatments or facials you still need to exfoliate at home. Men exfoliate every time they shave!!!!

You will be amazed at how much better your skin looks and all of your products work better too!!! So please, EXFOLIATE tonight!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bold Color for Fall

As we head into Fall, why is it everyone wants to turn to browns ? Brown on the eyes, lips and cheeks ? What color do things turn when they start to die?...BROWN! This Fall why not try something different ? Just because it's an overcast day, it doesn't mean we have to be dreary too!

  • Try a Fuchsia or Burnt Orange in the lips!
  • trade the brown eyeliner for a green or purple!
  • add some color to your eyelid's instead of the neutral!
  • instead of bronzer add a little more glow to your cheeks!

Monday, October 3, 2011

How to use concealer!

Concealer is one of the most misused products I have come across. The amazing thing is no one knows when, where or how to use it. I always start by using concealer on the eyelids to keep eyeshadow in place and it helps the pigment from the shadows remain strong.

After that it seems to get blurry for most people. So here are a few tips:
  • apply an eye cream under your eye before your concealer
  • apply your concealer LIGHTLY with a  brush (no fingers)!!!
  • apply under the eye AFTER you have applied your eyeshadow.
  • use sparingly to cover problem areas and then only apply with a brush
  • rarely do I apply powder over concealer
Of course there are no "rules" in makeup , but have found the above tips to be helpful guidelines and I hope you do too.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Power of Red

The Power of Red:
Don’t be afraid to wear red . I believe red is feminine and sexy. Men are attracted to red; they are drawn to red cars, red cocktail dresses and red lipstick. When was the last time you heard a man say " that sure is a hot beige/neutral sports car" ? Try a red lipstick such as Debbie or a red nail polish like Dragon Lady. Red is a happy color.